Big Sky: A Timeless Western Romance Collection


The Timeless Romance brand is expanding into Westerns! The first volume, Calico Ball, focused on historical stories of the American West, and now Big Sky features modern-day Westerns.

Kimberley Krey and Cindy Roland Anderson joined me in this collection.




About my story,  Selling Her Ranch, Stealing His Heart
Teresa adores her job as manager of the J-Bar-D Ranch, which boards horses and offers riding lessons. The owner, Dorothy, has become like a grandmother to Teresa. But when Dorothy passes away unexpectedly, the ranch is put up for sale by none other than Dorothy’s only grandson, Derek.

Even with the obvious chemistry between them, Teresa refuses to consider dating the guy who’s going to turn her beloved ranch into a strip mall. Derek wishes more than anything that he didn’t have to sell, but Grandma Dorothy ran the ranch into deep debt, and Derek’s own mother has ongoing medical bills. Without selling the ranch, he can’t pay off the debts or take care of his mother. If only he’d met Teresa had met at in a different time and place, they might have a future.

The Big Sky Collection is available now  as an ebook



Calico Ball

Calico Ball Cover

Authors: Carla Kelly, Sarah M. Eden, Kristin Holt