As with the Timeless Regency Collections, these collections feature three sweet novellas (read: free of violence, vulgar language, or sexual content).

Each story is significantly longer than those in the original Timeless Romance Anthology six-story volumes, and each features stories set in the Victorian era (mid-to-late 1800s), with an additional theme for each book.

As additional formats (paperback & audio) become available, those links will be added.

A Note of Change

This collection of clean romantic stories all feature a note that changes the course of the characters’ lives forever.

Contributing authors: Esther Hatch, Nichole Van, and me, Annette Lyon

About My Story, A Rose by Any Other Name
As an orphan whose only home has been the Foundling Hospital, Rose is tasked to work in the fine houses of Bloomsbury. She knows her duty—take care of the family upstairs and never forget her place.

But her traitorous heart won’t follow the rules, and she falls in love with Oliver Withey, a man far above her station. Though she feels like she’s found a home in Oliver’s arms, his mother has other plans for her oldest son—and marrying a servant isn’t one of them. She’ll do anything to keep Rose and Oliver apart, including making a devil’s bargain that ensures they’ll never see each other again.

When a mysterious old woman appears, she seems to have answers to Rose’s past. Could those long-held secrets hold the key to the future with Oliver that Rose longs for?

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Summer Holiday

Romances from Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. Eden, and Annette Lyon

About my story, The Last Summer at Ivy House:
Every summer Sarah travels to Ivy House in London as one of the household servants to the Millington family. This summer, she’s particularly looking forward to seeing Jacob, a servant who lives at Ivy House year-round. They’ve been exchanging letters since the previous summer when their friendship deepened. But when Sarah arrives at Ivy House, Jacob seems more reserved around her and less forthcoming. Has she put greater meaning in their budding relationship than she should? When Sarah discovers that Jacob has a dark secret and wants her to give up her dreams in exchange for helping him, she’s not sure if she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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The Orient Express

Romances by Elizabeth Johns, Nancy Campbell Allen, and Annette Lyon, all set on the Orient Express rail line in the late 1800s.

This collection received a Crown Heart from InD’Tale Magazine! Read the InD’Tale Crown Heart review.

About my story, Detective Grace Meets Her Match:

Even private investigator Grace Thomas needs a vacation, yet she can’t exactly turn off her detective skills at a whim. Boarding the Orient Express might be a vacation for some, but Grace finds that her senses are on high alert. She prides herself in being one step ahead of any flirtatious gentlemen, and fellow passenger Marshall Bailey is no exception. When Grace discovers that Marshall is traveling under another name, she learns that her first impressions aren’t always correct, and that she’s mistakenly allowed him to play havoc on her heart. Marshall will just have to convince Grace to give him a second chance.

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A Grand Tour

Stories by Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore, and Heather B. Moore

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