‘Tis the season for six lovely and charming Regency romances! Curl up by the fire, sip your favorite hot drink, and enjoy A YULETIDE REGENCY. SIX Regency Romances set during the Christmas season.

Featured authors: Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynn Jensen, and Heather B. Moore.

About my story, Mistletoe at Willowsmeade:

On Christmas Eve, Eleanor Hadfield, who works as governess at her childhood home of Willowsmeade, is stunned to learn that the love of her youth, Julian Phillips, is coming back after a decade’s absence. Once the gardener’s son, he has elevated his station to navy captain.

Making a match with a mere governess would lower his position, if he were to still love her as he did as a young man, which is unlikely. Unable to bear the idea of noble Julian keeping an old promise out of obligation or pity, Eleanor decides to leave the only place that has ever been a home.

A Yuletide Regency ~ Ebook

A Yuletide Regency ~ Paperback