These fun collections differ from the original Timeless Romance Anthology series in the following ways:

  • Three authors and stories instead of six
  • Longer stories (nearly twice the length)
  • All stories set in during Regency era (early 1800s)

As always, the novellas do not contain vulgar language, violence, or sexual content.

A Week in Brighton - Cover


A Week in Brighton

Featuring Jennifer Moore, Annette Lyon, and Donna Hatch

This title will release on July 30, 2019. Pre-order here.




A Night in Grosvenor SquareA Night in Grosvenor Square

Featuring novellas from the Timeless Romance Anthology series founders, Sarah M. Eden, Annette LyonHeather B. Moore

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A Midwinter Ball ebook

A Midwinter Ball

Featuring Heidi AshworthAnnette Lyon, and Michele Paige Holmes.

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The Following Timeless Regency Collections Do Not Feature Annette Lyon but are part of the line:

Autumn Masquerade

Autumn Masquerade

Novellas by Josi S. KilpackDonna Hatch, and Nancy Campbell Allen

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Spring in Hyde ParkSpring in Hyde Park

Novellas by Jennifer MooreG. G. Vandagriff, and Nichole Van.

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Summer House Party ebook cover

Summer House Party

Novellas by Regina ScottDonna Hatch, and Sarah M. Eden.

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A Country ChristmasA Country Christmas Cover FINAL

Novellas by Josi. S. KilpackCarla Kelly, and Jennifer Moore.

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A Season in London EBOOK

A Season in London

Novellas by Elizabeth Johns, Heather B. Moore, and Rebecca Connolly.

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A Holiday in BathA Holiday in Bath Ebook COVER

Novellas by Julie Daines, Caroline Warfield, and Jaima Fixen

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Falling for a Duke NEW EBOOK COVER

Falling for a Duke

Novellas by Rebecca Connolly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels

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Road to Gretna GreenRoad to Gretna Green

Novellas by Lucinda Brant, Julie Daines, and Heather B. Moore

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