Song Breaker: Releasing Aug. 8th

Songbreaker BestsellerBased on a Nordic myth in the Finnish Kalevala, which inspired Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Gandalf himself, comes Song Breaker from a USA Today bestselling author.


To Aino, the idea of spending her life warming the bed of a wrinkled old man—especially when it means life without her secretly betrothed love—is horrifying. But that is the fate that awaits her because her brother, Jouko, has dueled the famed wizard Vane—and lost.

At the last moment, the old man agreed to spare Jouko’s life in exchange for Aino’s hand, and the contract is sealed with magic that cannot be undone by anyone but Vane himself. Aino swears she’ll never marry against her will, yet with only two days until the wizard comes for her, she must find a way to break the deep magic of the contract, or she’ll be Vane’s prisoner for life. Her efforts might free her from the old wizard, but her escape could mean merely exchanging one kind of prison for another.

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Song Breaker (release: August 8, 2017) is a retelling of the Aino myth from the Finnish Kalevala.



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