These four books are particularly dear to me for many reasons. They’ve been out of print in paperback for years, and now I’m thrilled to announce that they’ll be back in paperback soon, with all-new covers.

The first to be re-released is Tower of Strength, which was actually the last of the four to be published, back in 2009. It’s mostly set in Manti, Utah. Here’s the new cover and what it’s about:

Tabitha leaves Manti as a newlywed. Seven years later, as a widow, she returns to support her young son, hoping to escape the pain of the past.

Samuel loses his wife on their voyage from England to America. When he arrive\s in Manti alone, he wishes they’d never left.

Tabitha buys an abused horse, which Samuel helps her train, resulting in mishaps galore. As their friendship grows, they both begin to heal—perhaps a second chance at love is possible for them both.

But when scandal hits the newspaper, and then tragedy strikes, Tabitha’s forced to face raw, old wounds and the likelihood of new ones. She must choose between the safety of isolation or the the painful yet beautiful complexities of love.

Much More Than a Mere Five Stars!
Wow, I didn’t think I would ever like a book again as much as Annette Lyon’s “House on the Hill”, but this one was just as fulfilling. A story of strength, sorrow, honor and compassion, the characters and their feelings were easy to relate to. Different incidences blended together in a compelling tale. I can hardly wait to read the rest of her books! ~ Louise P.

Get the E-books with the Original Covers at the Links Below:

House on the Hill E-book

At the Journey’s End

At the Journey’s End E-book

Spires of Stone

Spires of Stone E-book

Tower of Strength

Tower of Strength E-book