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Tailor Made

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War of Hearts

In December of 1939, Anna, a journalist, is desperate to escape the magazine where Pete, her ex-boyfriend, also works. Heartbroken and still in love with him, Anna snags an assignment to cover the Winter War in Finland. She arrives at a snowy battlefront only to discover that Pete is there too—assigned to be her photographer.

She determines to be professional about the situation, until a battle breaks out with Russians invading camp, putting her and Pete in harm’s way—and putting their love to the test.

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This story debuted in the Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection.

The Affair at Wildemoore


Ellen Stanhope escorts her three daughters to a ball. As her oldest flirts with a beau, Ellen is reminded of her courtship and early years of marriage with Anthony, before tragedy struck, which made their marriage fade and dull. Not until Ellen sees Anthony dancing with a woman he courted years before does she realize how much she misses him, still loves him, and wish he still loved her.

This title first appeared in the Timeless Romance Anthology: All Regency Collection in January 2016.

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Sweeter Than Any Dream


Fans of both Jane Austen and L. M. Montgomery will fall in love with this story. Olivia Wallington is firmly established as a spinster, but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the perfect man. Ever since her father’s death, Olivia has been forced into seclusion by her mother.

When her brother and his wife come for a visit, they discover the extent to which she lives under their mother’s thumb. With their help, Olivia sneaks out to attend a local ball, where she meets Edward Blakemoore. For a few divine moments, all of her dreams seem possible. But even someone like Mr. Blakemoore would be hard pressed to get past Mrs. Wallington’s fortress of protection—or past Olivia’s pride.

This story originally appeared in A Timeless Regency Anthology: A Midwinter Ball.

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Hazel of Heber Valley

Hazel Adams can’t help but be intrigued when Wyatt Coltrane rides into the sleepy town of Midway. Her childhood friend and one-time beau Nathan, however, keeps getting in the way of any possible relationship, claiming that Coltrane is bad news. Hazel is quite sure that Nathan’s simply jealous and unwilling to see her with another man.

When the truth about Coltrane comes out, the revelation shocks both Hazel and Nathan—and will change their lives forever, either pushing them apart, or bringing them together once at for all. Hazel must figure out what her heart truly wants and which is the man who can give those things to her.

For more historical romance stories set in the Rocky Mountains, be sure to check out the other Rocky Mountain Romance authors and their titles.

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Historical Utah Temple Books

This set of four historical novels features one book set near one of the old Mormon temples in Utah: Logan, St. George, Salt Lake City, and Manti.

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House on the Hill is set during the construction of the Logan Temple in the 1880s. The novel is available as an ebook, but the paperback is currently out of print (although that may soon change).  EBOOK | PAPERBACK (used)

At the Journey’s End picks up with the character from the epilogue of House on the Hill finishes their story. It is largely about the St. George Temple, the first completed and functioning Mormon in Utah, and the travels members took to get there, including what was called The Honeymoon Trail from Arizona, taken by many couples planning to be married in the St. George Temple. EBOOK | PAPERBACK

Spires of StoneDon’t let the somber cover fool you;  this a romantic comedy, a retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing set in 1860s Salt Lake City. Spires was a Whitney Awards finalist in the very first year of the awards, in the Historical category. Readers of the first two temple books may recognize a brief cameo of character from those books from when they were a child. This book is also currently available only as an ebook, not in paperback. Stay tuned; that may change. EBOOK

Tower of Strength follows a young widow, who is the mother of a young boy as she works to start a successful business and perhaps find love again, as the Manti Temple is built in the 1880s. EBOOK | PAPERBACK