As a half-Finn who has lived in Helsinki for years during my youth, I have a deep-seated love for the country and its culture, history, mythology, and on and on.
So it’s no surprise that I find myself writing about Finland more often, and that will happen increasingly often!
This is the page where I’ll update readers with any works related to Finland.

Tailor Made

TAILOR-MADE - Grand Duchy

See the announcement about this title and a forthcoming series here.

Midsummer Night Collection

Midsummer Night Cover

Another fantasy-themed collection from the Timeless Romance Anthology series.

My story, The Truest Treasure, is set in Finland on Midsummer night (called Juhannus), and features Finnish mythological characters and magic. Available in both ebook and paperback.

(Note: This story will be expanded into a novel one day!)

Learn more here. 

Song Breaker
Songbreaker Bestseller

When her brother duels the world’s most powerful wizard, Aino is cursed; if she can’t break the spell in time, she’ll be trapped—forever.

This full-length novel is a re-telling of the Aino fairy tale from the Kalevala.

Available in ebook (FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!) and paperback.

Kissing a Billionaire
Kissing a Billionaire

A set of six modern-day romances all involving a billionaire in some way.

Mine takes place in Helsinki and features an unlikely hero: a clown name Bow Tie (named after my late uncle, the original Bow Tie the Clown).

Currently available as an ebook.

Happily Ever After Collection

Happily Ever After Collection
Six Fairy Tale Retellings by bestselling and award-winning authors.

One of the Timeless Romance Anthology volumes. This book is a collection of fairy tale re-tellings.

Mine story, So Great a Power, is a re-telling of The Snow Queen, and spends quite a bit of time in Finland.

Available in ebook and paperback

NOTE: I’ll be expanding my story into a full novel in the near future! Stay tuned!

At the Water’s Edge

Water Fins Book
At the Water’s Edge

This novel straddles the line between romance and women’s fiction. It’s set in Helsinki, mostly in southeast areas where I lived during my time there.

Available as an ebook. Paperback to come.

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