That means Monday, June 21 & Tuesday, June 22 have extra discounted deals on all kinds of products across Amazon, with company's partners, and more. Many people use Prime Day as a jump start to Christmas shopping, and for good reason! I've spent hours and hours collecting some of my personal favorite things from the … Continue reading PRIME DAYS ARE HERE!


I ADORE a great office supply! If something is inexpensive, has a cool design, or a fun color, I'm so there! Here are some of my more recent favorites. For electronics that are office related, you'll find them HERE. Organizer Laptop Bag Okay, the description says it's technically for hanging files, but that's so not … Continue reading HOME OFFICE

Girl in Gray Deleted Scene #1

The following was the original Chapter One of The Girl in Gray. The events are now summarized by Leila a few chapters later. While I've always liked this chapter, I realized after writing the entire book that the story wasn't equally Leila's and Sini's; the book's primary arc and focus belongs to Sini, so the … Continue reading Girl in Gray Deleted Scene #1

Tailor Made

NEW: The Grand Duchy of Finland Series Book 1: Tailor Made is available NOW Sofi’s mother desperately needs medicine, and Sofi will do anything to get it—including a one-month stay at the Brunberg mansion in Helsinki, the capital. There she’ll spend her days at the Kangas Tailor Shop, knitting silk stockings and other items from sunup to … Continue reading Tailor Made

The Girl in Gray

Now an Audio Book! A country fighting to stay free. A woman with an impossible decision. In November of 1939, Sini Toivola is sure of two things: she loves Marko Linna, and she has a comfortable life in Helsinki. But when the massive Soviet army invades her beloved homeland and Marko spurns her affections, her … Continue reading The Girl in Gray