Annette Lyon isHead Shot-Annette Lyon - Cropped a USA Today bestselling author, an 8-time Best of State medalist for novels and short stories in Utah, and a Whitney Award winner. She’s had success as a professional editor and in newspaper, magazine, and technical writing, but her first love has always been writing fiction. She’s a cum laude graduate from BYU with a degree in English and is the author of over a dozen books, including the Whitney Award-winning Band of Sisters, a chocolate cookbook, and a grammar guide.

She is a founder, regular contributor to, and the original editor of the Timeless Romance Anthology series. She has received five publication awards from the League of Utah Writers, including the Silver Quill, and she’s one of the four coauthors of the Newport Ladies Book Club series. Annette is represented by Heather Karpas at ICM Partners.

Several of her newest projects, Song Breaker, Tailor Made (Book 1 in The Grand Duchy of Finland series), and The Girl in Gray, came about because of her Finnish heritage (her mother was born and raised in Helsinki) and her experiences with Finland and its people (she lived there for three years in her youth and learned to love the language and culture).

Find her Finnish-related Fiction on the Finn Fiction page. 



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