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Periodically, I’ll drop links and images here of things I’ve stumbled upon and love—and think my readers will love too.

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Writing on the Go: My Secret Weapon

I was an early adopter of the AlphaSmart, followed by the Neo (no longer made, alas). I wrote many books on my Neo over the years. You can read about its awesomeness on my blog.

I still have a Neo (two, actually), but sometimes I do need the internet to check on a research tidbit, or I need to write a reply (maybe even a lengthy one) to someone on my phone, and thumbs slow me down. Or maybe I’m in the car or on a plane . . .

As I was in early in 2020 before the pandemic was more than a whisper in our lives. I wanted something that would let me write on my phone while on the plane, and I found just what I needed: The Logitech 480 Bluetooth Keyboard.

Image from Amazon

It’s not pretty, but it’s an awesome workhorse. (They now offer a white version, which is definitely better looking than the yellow-jacket color scheme of the original). Turns out that when I pop my phone or tablet in the cradle, it’s just as good as my Neo.

The keyboard can be paired with three different devices, and you can switch between those devices easily using the dial on the top left. The cradle at the top lets you rest your phone or tablet snugly in it at a good angle for typing.

I use it literally every day, even at home. I’ll pull it over to text, email, write a social media post, and, yes, to actually write fiction, too. It’s been such a great tool; I can’t believe how long I went without it!

Best of all, the price is under $30. (Christmas gift, anyone?)

Check out the Logitech 480 Bluetooth Keyboard Here

My Life-Changing Christmas Gift: Harold

Life-changing = not an exaggeration!

For Christmas 2019, I asked for a Roomba, and while I knew I’d enjoy it, I had no idea how much I’d love it.

We have the Roomba 690, which we’ve named Harold. He’s particularly good at getting rid of pet hair. (A must! We love our kitty, but she sheds like crazy.) Harold has sensors that keep him from falling down the stairs, and a sensor that came with him means we can keep him from going into a certain room or other area.

Two different brushes make sure stuff doesn’t get missed: a traditional hair-type brush, and a rubber one. Then, sticking out from one side, is a third spinning brush that cleans corners, floorboards, and more. When the Roomba finds a messy spot, it spins to be sure it gets everything. Sensors help it find and return to home base, where it charges up for next time.

It’s just as fun to watch at Lorelai and Rory made it out to be!

Harold is great at picking up human hair, too. After every job, it’s clear that long-haired women live here! He moves seamlessly from carpet to tile and back again.

Excellence at vacuuming tile means that I no longer sweep the kitchen!

Sweeping is my housework nemesis. I can’t explain why I hate doing it, especially because I love a newly swept floor and hate walking on crumbs, but I just do hate sweeping. Now I don’t have to. (Woohoo!)

Here’s the truly wild thing:

The house overall is cleaner than it has been, and I credit the Roomba for it. With ADHD, it’s so easy to put off housework and become blind to clutter. But when I want to run the Roomba, I go through my day noticing stuff on the floor that would prevent that. That means I naturally organize cords, pick up clutter, and otherwise keep the floor tidier without giving it much thought just so that when I want to run the Roomba, I can.

Oh, and I can run it remotely, from an app on my phone. A fun detail: you get to name it in the app, and if it gets stuck, I get a phone notification that Harold needs attention. When it/he finishes a job and returns to its base, a triumphant tune plays.

Every time, someone in the house calls, “Good job, Harold!”

Check out Harold’s Model & Other Roombas

My Cold-Feet Solution

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I have chronically cold feet no matter the season.

I recently bought these slippers, which are HEAVEN! They have microbeads inside that heat up (in just one minute!) in the microwave. Put them on, and they’ll warm you right up.

I’d love to have the beads in the sole of the slipper as well as the rest of it, but I also know how often I get holes in slippers and socks, and can totally see why they didn’t do that: you’d end up with beads all over your house with even a small hole.

Seriously, folks, they’re awesome, and they’re inexpensive! Get them for yourself or a loved one for Christmas!

Get Your Warmies Heatable Slippers

My New ADHD Aid: Fitbit Inspire HR

The Pomodoro method didn’t work for me, but how my Fitbit does!

Check out this post on Medium where I show how, in surprising ways, my tracker has made me more productive!

Get your own Inspire HR here.

Carpal Tunnel Relief with KT Tape

I’ve written about my journey toward finding carpal tunnel relief HERE. If you suffer, definitely check out that post! It’s my most-read piece on Medium by a mile, and for good reason!

You can find the video that shows how I use and apply KT HERE.

Buy KT Tape HERE
Buy KT Tape Pro HERE. (Longer lasting but slightly more expensive.)

ENELL sports bra and daily LITE bra

ENELL has been an absolute game changer for me, and if you or a woman you know is ample up there, chances are, this is the bra you’re looking for.

I got the regular sports bra years ago and was amazed—and SO relieved!—to finally be able to work out, even do runs, with support. No more pain, no more movement and bouncing. I used to layer 2 sports bras, and even that wasn’t enough, but nothing is too much for an ENELL bra.

I recently got the newer LITE version to wear daily, and it, too, is fantastic. I imagine that smaller-chested women might find the LITE to be a great sports bra. It’s a great option for me, especially as I need full coverage, and I’m always looking for ways to ease strain on my back and shoulders to help with my chronic headaches.

Be sure to follow their measuring guidelines to find the right size for you!

Get the ENELL LITE here.
Get the ENELL Sports Bra Here.

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