Lyon Team Roar

What Is It? 

Lyon Team Roar is a group of readers connect on a closed group on Facebook.

The purpose: to help spread the word about Annette Lyon’s work, and in return, make friends, win prizes, and more.

(Visit the team page on Facebook and request to join.)

About once a week, Lyon Team Roar members receive a simple challenge. Those who achieve the challenge are entered to win monthly prizes.

On top of that, team members get to know one another, connecting with fellow readers in a new way, making friendships they wouldn’t otherwise have.

What’s Expected of Team Members? 

Lyon Team Roar is looking for readers, friends, or reviewers who

  • love reading and enjoy Annette’s books, 
  • use social media,
  • and are willing to promote her books in their corners of the internet.

Challenges consist of simple action items such sharing memes and news on social media, leaving reviews, and so forth.

What Do Team Members Get? 

Members of Lyon Team Roar get

  • Free (pre-release!) electronic files before anyone else
  • Insider material and insight into books and writing
  • The chance to vote on covers, titles, etc.
  • Enter contests open only to LTR members
  • Signed books by Annette 
  • Signed books by other authors
  • The opportunity to name characters in Annette’s stories
  • PRIZES, including gift cards, books by a variety of authors, chocolate, and more. 

Best of all, team members make new friends who have a mutual love of reading!

Team members aren’t required to review books in genres they don’t enjoy, and they can opt out of the team at any time. Be as involved as you like!

How Do You Join Lyon Team Roar?

Visit the Facebook page for Lyon Team Roar and request to join.

Get ready for some fun!